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West Quoddy, the eastern-most lighthouse in the U.S. Its characteristic red stripes were being repainted...

Roosevelt's place in New Brunswick.

A view of Bass Harbor Light from the north.

A view of Bass Harbor Light from the south.

Marshall Point Light

Marshall Point

downtown Camden, Maine

Curtis Island Light, outside of Camden

Lobster fishermen from the jetty walkway

Rockland Breakwater Light at the end of the 4000+ ft. jetty walkway

It was a long, very uneven walk.

Owl's Head Light, outside Rockland

Owl's Head from behind

the trail to the beach behind Owl's Head

climbing the rocks on Pemequid Point

the waves crashed against the rocks and "ate" a couple of tourists
some waves were 20+ feet!

Jill in front of Pemequid Point Light

you can walk a mile in my shoes or see a view from them...

Portland Head Light

Whaleback Light, 5 miles offshore from Portland

Kennebunkport at night

Bush's house

Goat Island Light, offshore from Kennebunkport

Lobster traps (colorful, eh?)

Our B&B in Kennebunkport (and our rental)

Nubble Light (a.k.a. Cape Neddick Light)

Boon Island Light, 10 miles offshore from Cape Neddick

New Hampshire Lights - Portsmouth Harbor Light (left) and Whaleback Light (right)

You can download a Microsoft Word version of our itinerary, if you want to follow inour footsteps... Click here to download/open...