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Kevin and I pose with the cheerleaders from the 1950s.

The father of #61 Michael Turner shows the grill he made. He cooked us incredible breakfast burritos!

Kevin rids himself of some of our High Gravity beer.

They said it this was their coach.

I guess he was asking for a high 5 from behind...(?)

...well, Uga wasn't using it...

...well, Uga and Scott weren't using it...

Kevin poses with his favorite cheerleaders.

...but I was having more luck with the ladies...

Check out my harem!

Who else has a quality shot of Billy Bennett bent over?

Kevin on the field during pregame.

A view of our seats from the "B" in 'Bulldogs'.
(You can see mom, Carey, and Bill on the front row.)

The team runs out.

A few pictures of Ginger, mom, Carey, and Bill watching the first quarter...

Think mom sees me?